Hi. My name is Terry Mahaffey

I’m currently serving on the Apex Town Council. This is my old campaign site (I’m not up for re-election until 2023). This site lays out my Vision of the Peak. The three main principles, Trust, Transparency, and Trees, will help Apex grow and continue to be the Peak of Good Living.

TRUST – Trust in our government; the processes and its commitment to listening to and serving the citizens of Apex. How can we continually assess our governing bodies and processes to keep them citizen focused. This also includes reaching out to other local governments to grow our region, because our citizens need advocates across all levels of government.

TRANSPARENCY – Knowing what governing bodies are doing, and providing visibility and accountability. Providing visibility into how Apex works in the areas of economic growth, development and citizen engagement. An informed citizenry is an engaged citizenry.

TREES – A commitment to our natural environment. Development ordinances can be reformed as it relates to keeping existing tree canopy cover. We can have growth but provide a framework so new development better integrates into the existing environment; clearcutting and mass grading is not how Apex keeps its charm and encourages residential and economic advancement.

For a while now I’ve run a Facebook community named Citizens for the Responsible Growth of Apex where I’ve shared these principles; I have helped communities impacted by growth find their voice. I have worked to document through agenda summaries and meeting notes, along with bringing attention to proposed developments in order to increase transparency. As a citizen I have advocated for increased environmental considerations during discussions over rezoning; including an increased percentage of the Resource Conservation Area – undeveloped areas required in new developments – that was passed by Apex Town Council in July of 2019.

Thank you for electing me, and I look forward to continuing to bring these values and principles to the Apex Town Council. Thank you.

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