About Terry

My name is Terry Mahaffey. I am thrilled to call Apex home and I am honored to serve on the Apex Town Council. I was first elected in December of 2019, and my term runs until December of 2023.

My wife Lindsay and I decided to settle in Apex because of the proximity to family, opportunities for growth, and the quality of life for our children. It’s funny, when we first married and would talk about our dream community, we were unknowingly describing Apex. We have three beautiful daughters ages 9, 7, and 5. All of our girls attend Wake County Public Schools and enjoy a variety of recreational programming through Apex Parks and Rec. Our dog, Benji loves walking with us through the many parks and greenways throughout our town.

Professionally, I’m a Software Engineer, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA with an IT concentration. Currently I work from home, and enjoy using local coffee shops and the Eva Perry Library as a way to work around town. Personally, I am excited about our downtown’s continued growth and development and am thrilled to see a co-working space coming in.

In our community, I am a former board member of my HOA, former co-chair of the Wake County Complete Count Committee helping Wake County residents be informed of the 2020 census.

Throughout this campaign, I enjoyed hearing from Apex residents – those who have lived here for many years and those who recently made their home here. We can find opportunities for growth and progress in a way that respects and reflects our towns history and the diverse perspectives that helped shaped it.

Please contact me using the form below with any questions, comments, concerns!