Townes at Pleasant Park

The Townes at Pleasant Park is a townhome community in the vicinity of the Holland/Old US1/Humie Olive intersection that is seeing so much focus recently. It is a “workforce housing” community, which is a term generally understood to be more affordable than what is typically on the market, but not quite subsidized affordable housing. Generally this is accomplished just with the type of products delivered.

Application: 21CZ31 (

Planning Board: Scheduled for 3/14/2022

Town Council: Scheduled for 3/22/2022


Holland Road Assembly

A small to medium mixed use development (29 acres) at the corner of Humie Olive, old US 1, and Holland containing medium density (townhomes, but a few single family as a transition from the neighborhood to the north) and some commercial services. Max 100 units total. About 30% commercial.

Application: 21CZ14 (

Planning Board: Will be heard at the 2/14/2022 meeting

Town Council: Will be heard at the 3/8/2022 meeting


Cedar Crossing

This submission is for an age restricted development on New Hill Olive Chapel Road, just off of 64. This is an amendment to a previously approved development to change the required amenity types, change the timing of the greenway construction (to allow construction to continue in light of a delay with the greenway), and to change an architectural condition on a specific lot to correct a permitting error.

Application: 21CZ28 (

Planning Board: Passed unanimously on 1/10/2022

Town Council: Will be heard at the 1/25/2022 meeting


3075 Lufkin Road

This is a proposal for a self-storage facility at the corner of Lufkin and TenTen. It includes solar panels and several other conditions added by the Environmental Advisory Board.

I spoke with the applicants the morning of 1/10 at their request. They impressed upon me the difficulty in developing the property as a commercial service, given it’s location and small size. A storage facility is a low impact use they were able to make use.

Application: 21CZ20 (

Planning Board: Approved at the 12/13 meeting 6-1

Town Council: Will be heard at the 1/25/2022 meeting