Holland Road Assembly

A small to medium mixed use development (29 acres) at the corner of Humie Olive, old US 1, and Holland containing medium density (townhomes, but a few single family as a transition from the neighborhood to the north) and some commercial services. Max 100 units total. About 30% commercial.

I met with the applicant on 3/3/2022. The applicant went over the project with me and summarized the history (this project has over a year of revisions), focusing on the changes made in response to neighbor feedback. Density has been lowered, buffers added, etc. My comments focused mostly on the intersection of US1/Holland/Friendship road, which is under performing and predicted to get worse (even without this project).

Application: 21CZ14 (

Planning Board: Approved 5-2 at the 2/14 meeting

Town Council: Approved unanimously at the 3/8 meeting


Cedar Crossing

This submission is for an age restricted development on New Hill Olive Chapel Road, just off of 64. This is an amendment to a previously approved development to change the required amenity types, change the timing of the greenway construction (to allow construction to continue in light of a delay with the greenway), and to change an architectural condition on a specific lot to correct a permitting error.

Application: 21CZ28 (

Planning Board: Passed unanimously on 1/10/2022

Town Council: Passed unanimously on 1/25/2022


3075 Lufkin Road

This is a proposal for a self-storage facility at the corner of Lufkin and TenTen. It includes solar panels and several other conditions added by the Environmental Advisory Board.

I spoke with the applicants the morning of 1/10 at their request. They impressed upon me the difficulty in developing the property as a commercial service, given it’s location and small size. A storage facility is a low impact use they were able to make use.

Application: 21CZ20 (

Planning Board: Approved at the 12/13 meeting 6-1

Town Council: Passed unanimously on 1/15


1016 N Salem St

1016 N Salem St is a small rezoning of a part of a single parcel. It appears they are planning on splitting the parcel, with the front half (and historic home) staying as is, and combining the back half with Thales Academy.

Application: 21CZ19 (

Here is the related application for the Thales Academy Expansion (this doesn’t require Council approval): Thales-Academy-Expansion (

Planning Board: Approved at the 12/13 meeting unanimously

Town Council: Approved unanimously on 1/11


I Will Be Completely Transparent When Meeting with Developers

Developers should not be able to meet with elected officials in secret to advocate for their projects before a vote. If elected, I will make my meetings with financial stakeholders in projects public knowledge, with a high level overview of what was discussed, so opponents have an opportunity to review and provide their side of the story. I am not doing anyone a favor; having this information is your right as a citizen. As your representative I work for you.

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