Transparency, Trust

Evolve Apex’s Government Structure

Apex has outgrown our current government structure, which is more appropriate for a small village. Change the town council to six members, four of which run in districts and two run at large. Change the mayor to be a “voting” mayor with more executive authority. Change the name of the Town Council to Board of Alderman, to better mark the distinction and get people to notice.

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Transparency, Trees

Land Use Map Amendments Must Be Considered Independently

Currently, rezonings which require a land use map amendment are “bundled” together in a single hearing and a single vote. In effect, this precludes an important context free discussion about the best land use from taking place. Instead, requiring separate hearings, separate votes. No rezonings unless it first conforms to the land use map. Land use map amendments can be put forward very early in the process, potentially saving the developer time and money in the event it is turned down.

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